Whats New NAV 2017 
Are you looking to play an extra game each week? Then consider the Wednesday Open Skins or our new Tuesday Afternoon Open leagues!

(1) Wednesday Open Skins: While we've long had a skins section on Wednesday mornings, I'm pleased to tell you that the league is now an Open format (ie. teams can be any combination of men or women). For those not familiar with the format: in a skins game, the skins available in any given end will be awarded to the team throwing last rock provided that team scores two or more points. Should the team without hammer steal one or more points, that team will gets the available skins. If the team with hammer scores 1 point or if there is a blank end, the available skins are carried over to the following end (to learn more, click here). The format may be new to some but I guarantee it's a lot of fun!

(2) Tuesday Afternoon Open: this new league will run on Tuesday afternooons starting at 3:40 pm. Games for the Tuesday open league will be only 6 ends so this ensures you're off the ice in time for dinner! Participation is open to both men and women; we hope you will sign up!

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