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Warm up Before Games

Overall Intent:
Leaside Curling Club would like to make as much practice and warm-up ice available to members as possible. This must be balanced with the time required to make and maintain good ice.
Curlers are expected to be aware of safety issues, use common sense and abide by the fair play and courtesy that sets curling above many sports.

Guiding Rules:
Ice may be used prior to league games within the following guidelines.
1) Ice use is only allowed prior to the first draw in a block, not between games.
For example, it is allowed prior to the first Mixed draw on Sunday (12:30pm) draw but not between the 12:30pm and 2:45pm Sunday draws. This applies in a similar manner to the weekday evening schedules.
a) There is only enough time between draws for the icemakers to prepare the ice. This applies even if the game in the first draw ends early.
b) While this seems to give preference to the early draw, over the course of a season equity is achieved since each team plays approximately the same number of early draws and late draws.

2) Ice can only be used after the icemakers are finished with a given sheet and the scoreboard numbers are taken down.
Curlers must be aware of and allow free access and passage to the icemakers as they prepare adjacent sheets. 

3) No one person or team can monopolize the use of a sheet.
If both teams want to warm up, that must be allowed. 

4) Pre-game ice use is to be considered warm-up, not intense practice.
Curlers are restricted the number of rocks thrown to two per team member. This means two rocks could be thrown away from the glass and then thrown back toward the glass. If a curler is interested in extensive practice they may book a sheet during one of the scheduled practice times.

5) All ice use must end 5 minutes prior to the start time of the draw to allow the teams to gather, shake hands and start the game at or before the draw time.

6) Curlers may only use the sheet on which they will be playing their game.

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Leaside Curling Club
1075 Millwood Road
Toronto, Ontario, M4G 1X6
Phone: 647-748-CURL (2875) 


Club Information

A proud member of the Leaside community for over 60 years, Leaside Curling Club is a vibrant not-for-profit organization. This wheelchair-accessible facility is open from September to April and features 8 sheets of curling ice, a lounge, bar, pro shop, and change rooms.