In keeping with recently published OCA guidelines, Leaside Curling Club will have a club-wide policy on brush heads for the 2016-2017 season, which will be reviewed again in March 2017, or as deemed necessary.
"Non-compliant brush heads - i.e., all brush heads not certified by the WCF as competition certified - are permitted for use in all league play games including playoffs." 
In addition, Leaside Curling Club agrees with the following recommendation put forth by the World Curling Federation (and supported by Curling Canada and the OCA):
"In keeping with the ‘Spirit of Curling’, individuals who are elite competitors or very proficient sweepers should consider whether it is ‘fair’ that they use non-conforming equipment in a recreational competition even if the rules allow it."
For those leagues which feed into OCA sanctioned competitions (e.g. Men's & Women's Travelers), the section should inform the participating teams of any restrictions on brush heads that might be in place. Currently, the OCA will permit use of non-sanctioned brush heads in the Traveler's up to but excluding the Provincial Finals.  The general manager can provide further detail for the range of OCA competitions. 

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