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2017/18 Club Champions


A-Event Champion (Crichton Trophy): Tom Keith (skip), Al Parker (vice), Norm Rappaport (second), Art Worthington (lead)

LCC 2018 04 06 Day Men 0011 A Champs label

B-Event Winner (Ferrar Trophy): Tom Hague (skip), Gerry Rowat (vice), Dave Butchart (second), Brad Nameth (lead)

LCC 2018 04 06 Day Men 0010 B Champs label

Crying Towel: Doug Manning (skip), Christoff Haussmann (vice), Ed Koncewicz (second)

LCC 2018 04 06 Day Men 0003 Crying Towel label

All Star Team: Terry O'Sullivan (skip), John Bonner (vice), Dave Butchart (second), Bill Fitzpatrick (lead)

LCC 2018 04 All Stars label

John Sprague Trophy (front end with greatest number of points): Bill Fitzpatrick (lead), Dave Butchart (second)



Monday Afternoon League:
Bingham Trophy (Draw 1) – Betty Hicks, Sharon McKenney, Maureen Morrice, Carol Ritz
Mhora Murray Trophy (Draw 2) – Frances Burchat, Mary Ellen Smith, Wendy Girvan, Carol Ritz
Dickinson Trophy (Draw 3) – Lucy Hunter, Kathy Tyndale, Anne Medlock, Janet McKinnon

Tuesday Morning League:
Millie McConnell Trophy (Draw 1) - Norrie Brockest, Bridget Sokoluk, Katalin Doiron, Elizabeth McFarlane 
Day Sweepers (Draw 2) - Pat Lee, Janine Cox, Elizabeth Adamson, Ambreen Shah
Leaside "Rock" Stars (Draw 3) - Cheryl Darling, Sylvie Dion, Chanh Leuangthong, Anh Do

Tuesday Afternoon League:
Flo Brown Trophy (Draw 1) – Melanie White, Irene Foulkes, Kim Aikenhead, Nancy Holder
Donna Bell Trophy (Draw 2) – Mary Kishi, Naomi Takasaki, Shirley Bayes, Sandra Lougheed
Merle Williams Trophy (Draw 3) – Sally Bailey, Siu Ling Kwan, Kim Aikenhead, Jane Monteith

Thursday Team Entry League:
Grand Aggregate Winners – Carol Jackson, Mavis Taylor, Carol Fraser, Carol Pratt
Flight A – Carol Jackson, Mavis Taylor, Carol Fraser, Carol Pratt
Flight B – Chris Marino, Jane Dalziel, Judi Smale, Judy Tinning
Flight C – Grace Bugg, Betty Hicks, Anne Campbell, Cheryl Kerr
Flight D – Sally Bailey, Mary Kishi, Marie McBurney, Marlene Allan 


Dave Ellis (skip), Liam Kane (vice), Michaela Koch (lead), Mike Reynolds (second)

 Champions skins 


Tuesday League:
Flight A – 
Flight B – 
Flight C – 
Flight D – 

Thursday League:
Flight 1 – 
Flight 2 – 
Flight 3 – 
Flight 4 – 

Trophy Winners (Tuesday vs. Thursday):
Bob Murray Memorial (Flight 1) – 
Birrell’s Trophy (Flight 2) – 
Alexander Trophy (Flight 3) – 
Leads & Seconds Trophy (Flight 4) – 


Flight 1 - Sarah Tolton Trophy - 
Flight 2 - 
Flight 3
Flight 4
Overall Aggregate



Club Champions (Flight 1) –  David Ellis (skip), Paivi Liitela, Jeff Coutts, Kathy Tidy

“B” Trophy (Flight 2) –

Flight 3 – 
Flight 4 – 
Flight 5 – 
Flight 6 – 
Flight 7 – 
Flight 8 – 

Falconer Award: David Ellis (skip), Paivi Liitela, Jeff Coutts, Kathy Tidy

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Leaside Curling Club
1075 Millwood Road
Toronto, Ontario, M4G 1X6
Phone: 647-748-CURL (2875) 


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A proud member of the Leaside community for over 60 years, Leaside Curling Club is a vibrant not-for-profit organization. This wheelchair-accessible facility is open from September to April and features 8 sheets of curling ice, a lounge, bar, pro shop, and change rooms.