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Club Champions 2022/23

  • 2022/23 Monday Open Skins Champions
  • 2022/23 Day Women's Champions
  • 2022/23 Evening Men's Champions
  • 2022/23 Weekend Mixed Champions
  • 2022/23 Wednesday Evening Women's Champions
  • 2022/23 Wednesday Open Skins Champions
  • 2022/23 Day Men's Champions
  • 2022/23 Sunday Open Champions

Monday Open Skins

Champions: Team Ellis (pictured left to right): Kathy Tidy, David Ellis (skip), Michaela Koch, Liam Kane

Skins champions 2023
















Aggregate (most accumulated skins during regular season play): Team Burghout (pictured left to right): Anneka Burghout, Marty Thompson, Justin Chen, Celine Lacroix

 Skins Aggregate















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Monday Afternoon Day Women

DRAW ONE: Joan Bingham Trophy
1st Place: Gail Ann Ferguson, Cheryl Ker, Elizabeth Adamson, Eileen Crichton
2nd Place:  Wendy Ko, Dorothy Robertson, Anne Medlock, Joanna Robertson
3rd Place:  Betty Hicks, Maureen Morrice, Jo-Anne Pierson, Gilian Cummings

DRAW TWO: Mhora Murray Trophy
1st Place:  Sherry Wilding, Therese Chen, Elizabeth Adamson, Joanna Robertson
2nd Place: Suzanne Gard, Cheryl Ker, Sylvie Dion, Sharon Setterington
3rd Place: Cookie Best, Mary Ellen Smith, Gilian Cummings, Eileen Crichton

DRAW THREE: Dickinson Trophy
1st Place:  Sherry Wilding, Dorothy Robertson, Jo-Anne Pierson, Sharon Setterington
2nd Place:  Cookie Best, Maureen Morrice, Andrea Sweezey, Joy Bradford
3rd PLace:  Betty Hicks, Mary Ellen Smith, Sylvie Dion,Joanna Robertson


Tuesday Morning Women

DRAW ONE: Millie McConnell Award
1st Place - Team Brockest: Norrie Brockest, Chanh Leuangthong, Janet Robson, Iwan Yang
2nd Place - Team Cox: Janine Cox, Kim Aikenhead, Susan Bedford & Jan Millard
3rd Place - Team Pitura: Cynthia Pitura, Bridget Sokoluk, Lori Wells & Shannon Levere

DRAW TWO: Day Sweepers
1st Place - Team Dick: Susan Dick, Sarah Shutt, Janet Robson & Anne Jacot
2nd Place - Team Brockest: Norrie Brockest, Elizabeth Adamson, Linda Strevens, & Lorenne Doucet
3rd Place - Team Burgess: Jane Burgess, Elizabeth Hatanaka, Shannan Lavere & Iwan Yan

DRAW THREE: Rock Stars
1st Place - Team Burgess: Jane Burgess, Sandra Wright, Anna Chitra & Sharon Setterington
2nd Place - Team Read: Shari Read, Carol Pratt, Lorrie Lavis & Cathy Fauquier
3rd Place - Team Brockest: Norrie Brockest, Sylvie Dion, Anne Cowan/Elizabeth Adamson & Jessica Lee


Tuesday Afternoon Women

DRAW ONE: Flo Brown Trophy
1st Place - Sheila Bishop, Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Linda Nichols, Joanna Robertson
2nd Place - Marg Hembruff, Marie McBurney, Sara Shutt, Jane Monteith
3rd Place - Judi Smale, Judy Cook, Joan Morrow, Noreen Hains

DRAW TWO: Donna Bell Trophy
1st Place - Judi Smale, Pauline Malley, Maureen Morrice, Joanna Robertson
2nd Place - Marg Hembruff, Margaret Peebles, Lorraine Short, Laura Masotti
3rd Place - Siu Ling Kwan, Judy Cook, Kate Parkin, Barbara Doherty

DRAW THREE: Merle Williams Trophy
1st Place - Pat Reid, Sandy Faiers, Kate Parkin, Denise McDonald
2nd Place - Marg Hembruff, Sue Wilgosh, Linda Nichols, Sandra Douglas
3rd Place - Kathleen MacLean, Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Jane Farquharson, Betty Ann Armstrong


Thursday Day Women's Team Entry

Flight A
1st place: Pat Reid, Marilyn Pleckaitis, Bernie Gillett, Debbie Murnaghan
2nd place: Theresa Currie, Lee Banka, Karen Townsend, Christie Stevenson
3rd place: Jan Carwardine, Judy MacLellan, Wilma Morrison, Sandra Thain

Flight B
1st place: Susan Holladay, Gail Kirkwood, Lori Brendel, Kimberley Walker
2nd place: Gail Ann Ferguson, Rhonda Booth, Kathy Tyndale, Cristina Scassa
3rd place: Grace Bugg, Aly Douglas, Carley Vint-Reed, Bernadette Dziadul

Flight C
1st place: Kathy Hague, Tara Lang, Sarah Shutt, Nancy Hilliker
2nd place: Shona Fitzgerald, Elaine MacSween, Ginny Bates, Bonnie Morrice
3rd place: Carolyn Loewen, Dorothy Greenaway, Wendy Girvan, Janet Mackinnon

Flight D
1st place: Lucy Hunter, Judi Smale, Joanne Davidson, Janice Salter
2nd place: Mary Howard, Judy Watts, Sandra Wright, Lorraine Short
3rd place: Marlene Parker, Betty Hicks, Anne Campbell, Cheryl Ker

Grand Aggregate Winner
Team Liitela: Paivi Liitela, Marina Dranitsaris, Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Carol Pasternak


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For the evening men's league, there are playdowns in each of 4 flights (A,B,C,D) for both Tuesday night and Thursday night.

The champions from each flight on Tuesday and Thursday then face off to determine the overall club champions.


A  Ryan Metcalfe  Rob Harling
   Sean Holladay  Ted Hellyer
   Robert Lyle  Don Dawson
   Steve Forbes  Ethan Hall-Beyer
   Scott Holladay  
B  Darren Gerson  Henry Byres
   Jason Crowder  Scott Caesar
   Neil Duxbury  Stuart Jeffrey
   Fred Howe  Steve Caesar
C    Eric Roberts
     Mike Reynolds
     Maxim Newby
     Jim Joyce


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Flight 1: Team Duxbury (Karen Duxbury, Matt Paynter-Bulman, Neil Duxbury, Nancy Stewart, Kate McKellar)

Flt 1 Team Duxbury1























Flight 2: Team Harrop (Phil Harrop, Angie Harrop, John Brook, Nancy Hilliker)

Flt 2 Team Harrop



















Flight 3: Team Morrison (Brad Morrison, Grace Bugg, Mike Ball, Linda Bishop)

Flt 3 Team Morrison

Flight 4: Team Keith (Tom Keith, Carrie Keith, Brent Johnston, Meredith Strong)

Flt 4 Team Keith


















Flight 5: Team Vigna (Adam Vigna, Sasha Lukashova, Phillip Huang, Jennifer Pritchard)

Flt 5 Team Vigna 3



















Flight 6: Team Matheson (Jennifer Matheson, Glenn Elliott, Karen Duffield, Robert Duffield) 

No picture available

Flight 7: Team Miklaucic (Tony Miklaucic, Natasha Miklaucic, Andy Franklin, Leah Franklin)

Flt 7 Team Miklaucic



















Flight 8: Team Train (Kim Train, Alex Miller, Lucy Miller, Chris Fuoco)

Flt 8 Team Train

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Flight 1 Champions and Aggregate Winners: Team Lokuge (Bhadra Lokuge/Jan Carwardine, Kate McKellar, Judy MacLellan, Monica Sloan)
Wed Women team Lokuge

Flight 2 - Team Shintani (Gillian Shintani, Karen Atkin, Suzanne Parsons, Beth Herrema)
Wed Women team Shintani
 Flight 3 - Team Beatty (Catherine Beatty, Carol Martin, Rosa Macip, Kimberley Weaver)
Wed Women team Beatty

Flight 4 - Team Loucas (Monique Loucas, Alyssa Hanesiak, Karen Stephenson, Nadine Crowther)
Wed Women team Loucas
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 Daytime Open Skins All Star Team (John Bonner Trophy)

LCC Skins All Star Bonner Trophy


















Daytime Open Skins Second Place Team
LCC Skins Second Place

















Daytime Open Skins Third Place Team

LCC Skins Third Place



















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Day Men's Tag Draw All Star Team

LCC All Star Team


















  Crichton Trophy Winners (A-side)

LCC Crichton A Event


















Ferrar Trophy Winner (B-side):  

LCC Ferrar B Event 

















 Crying Towel Winners (C-side)

LCC Crying Towel Event

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Flight A Champions: Team Dawson

Skip: Reed Dawson
Vice: Sandra Wrigley
Second: Jonathan Dawson
Lead: Kevin Dawson

Sunday Open Team Dawson A


























Flight B Champions: Team Vigna

Skip: Adam Vigna
Vice: Phillip Huang
Second: Sasha Lukashova
Lead: Jennifer Pritchard

Sunday Open Team Vigna B


























Flight C Champions: Team Caldarelli

Skip: Mike Caldarelli
Vice: Josie Fung
Second: Tristan Truyens
Lead: Hazel Sutton

Sunday Open Team Calderelli C

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