The Sunday Night Open League follows the Leaside Curling Club Rules and the O.C.A & Curling Canada rules except where they exist below as part of the Sunday Night Open League rules.

Every team will play every week of the playoff season.
At the end of the third draw but prior to the start of the playoffs, teams have been moved flight to flight as usual.
Playoffs are within each Flight (ie. Teams within Flight A will play Flight A teams only)


All playoff games are 8 ends (or less, a team may concede at any point - please be considerate of the need for later games to start on time and of club staff who need to complete their jobs for the evening).


If tied after 8 ends, a full extra end is played using the Odd end direction ie. away from the change rooms. If still tied, the tie is broken by a draw to the button using the Even end direction ie. towards the change rooms. Only the throwing team may sweep. Any player on the team may throw the draw to the button.


This does not mean you can take your time playing your games. Please do your best to play quickly in all games out of respect for your opponents and club staff.


At all times, teams are expected to observe the spirit of fair play when finding spares. - Teams must field at least 3 curlers, two of whom must be original team members. This is different from the Regular Season rule. Teams without a minimum of 2 regular players forfeit the game.

All Leaside Curling Club members are eligible to spare in the playoffs, including those already playing for another team. - If you are filling a front-end position with a spare, the spare must be someone who plays front-end in whatever league or section they generally play in (if they play in another section) or spare in. - When a spare is arranged to replace the regular Lead, Second or Vice, that spare may not play the Skip position (ie. neither throw 4th stones nor call the game). If the regular skip is absent, either a spare or any regular member of the team may play the Skip position.


Postponement / rescheduling of a game is permitted in unique situations but only if a team of 3 cannot be fielded. In other words, if 2 team member can play, they must do so with a minimum of 1 spare (because a minimum of 3 players are required to play). - A postponement is only acceptable if both teams agree and can find makeup ice acceptable to the "non-offending" team before the next scheduled playoff game. The team requesting postponement is ultimately liable for the default, regardless of any agreement to reschedule. In other words, if for any reason the game is not made up in time, the team that originally requested the postponement defaults and the "non-offending" team receives the win.


Any exceptions to these rules are only permissible upon prior written (ie. email) approval of the league drawmaster.

Good Curling Everyone!

PRIZES (per team - last revised Nov. 22, 2012)

Top Team in each Flight, per draw: $80
Playoff winner, each Flight: $120
Playoff runner-up, each Flight: $80


These rules may be amended at any time by the Section President.


Notwithstanding the above, The Section Drawmaster is the final arbiter of all disputes. He/She reserves the right to change, add or grant exemptions from these rules as required and is necessary in the circumstances.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Participants in our Super 7 Starter Series played 7 games between September and December. The top two teams in each flight were awarded performance prizes at the conclusion of the series on December 14.

Flight A Winner: Team Hicks (left to right: Katherine Gross, Emma West, Sara Oster; missing Barbara Hicks)

Super 7 team Hicks

Flight A Runner-up: Team Charles (left to right: Michael Charles, Nancy Shepherd, Rob Morros, Jocelyn Charles)

Super 7 team Charles


Flight B Winner: Team Aston (left to right: Peter Slam, Mia Baumeister; missing Brian McKone)

 Super 7 Team Aston


Flight B Runner-up: Team Broom (left to right: Michelle Broom, Tony Miklaucic, Natasha Miklaucic, Alan Broom)

Super 7 Broom Miklaucic


The Terms and Conditions stated below are those applicable for the 2022/23 season.  Please note that dates are subject to change in the event the start date of the season changes.

Payment:  Payment of the amount due may be by e-transfer, cheque, Visa, or MasterCard. Cheques should be made payable to the “Leaside Curling Club” and post-dated no later than September 12. Please note that processing of your payment is not a guarantee that you have been placed in the league of your choice. If we are unable to put you in a league of your choice, we will promptly give you a full refund either by cheque or credit card. There will be a $50 charge for an NSF cheque. 

In accordance with our privacy policy, for those members paying by credit card, you should be aware that credit card information is retained securely for the purposes of processing any amendments or changes to registration fees throughout the season.

Date of application:  Returning members are asked to submit their application form by Friday August 5. This will enable the drawmasters to ascertain who is coming back to curl prior to admitting new members into the various leagues

Administration Fee:  Returning member applications received after October 1 will be charged a $25 administration fee. If a member wishes to appeal this fee, they must submit payment in full then request a refund in writing with an explanation.

● Full Membership:  You are considered a member and placed on a team when the application form is completed and signed, and you are in good standing with your fees and chits. Social members, competitive members, practice members & curlers under 18 years of age do not have voting privileges at the Club.

Confirmation /Receipts:  If you require a receipt, please request one from the office.

Withdrawals and Refunds:  A full refund will be provided if you make a written request to withdraw for the remainder of the 2022/23 season on or before October 31. After October 31, a prorated refund of league playing fees and HST only (which excludes membership fees of $68.98 and prize fund fees) is available (at the General Manager's discretion) if the member is unable to participate for the balance of the season due to medical reasons or relocation. Any such request must be made within 60 days of the date of relocation / date curler ceased playing due to medical reasons. Please submit a written request to the General Manager.  A $25 administration fee will be deducted from the amount being refunded.

● Pro-rating Section Fees:  For members joining after league play has started, the league playing fees are pro-rated based on the number of curling dates remaining in the season. Membership and prize funds are then added, if applicable. There is no prorating for Little Rocks, Bantams, and Juniors.

Transfer:  Memberships are not transferrable.

Snow Days / Emergency Situations:  Sections can cancel league games. Club closure will be posted on the LCC website indicating the reason for the closure. Leagues will follow up with their members to indicate how these cancelled games will affect the schedule. There will be no rebates for cancelled games.

● Sparing in Sections:  Only club members are allowed to play as spares in league games. If a team violates this rule, it will be deemed to have defaulted the game. Juniors can spare in adult leagues at the discretion of the respective drawmasters.

● 5 Member Teams:  If you wish to form a 5 member team, all members must sign up as full members.

● A regular Leaside Curling Club Membership, other than a practice, social, or competitive membership, allows a club member:

• To play in scheduled league games
• Use of practice ice, when available
• To spare in other league games
• To participate in club events, clinics, etc.

Team Draw Off Instruction & Score Sheet

Every team must complete the team draw off. All four players must throw one draw shot to the button with sweeping allowed.

The order of players * is not important but the four shots must be consecutive. Each player’s rock is measured and removed before the next team member throws her rock. 

* In the case of a 3-man team, the first player to deliver a stone for her team must also throw the final stone.  In the case of a 5-man team, choose four players to throw.

The team draw off is to be completed on Leaside ice after regular games or during team practice sessions. Teams can decide when they complete the draw off based on their own time availability as long as their scores are submitted by December 11th, the last day of Draw 1.

Measurements (rounded to .5 of an inch) are taken from the centre of the tee/button to the inside edge of the stone on the striking band. Measuring tapes will be available to teams. Teams are responsible for their own measuring.

Stones that cover the button centre (& cannot be measured) will be assigned a distance of zero (0). Stones that do not reach or go past the rings will be counted as 6 feet 1 inch.

The four player’s measured total will represent the Team Draw Off score which will be used to determine team rankings if, as and when tie situations arise after each draw.

Team Draw Off Measurements & Score

Player                                                              Measurement  (feet/inches)

__________________________________                                   _____________

__________________________________                                   _____________

__________________________________                                   _____________

__________________________________                                   _____________


Team name:


Leaside Curling Club
Day Women Team Entry Rules
October 2014/2015

The number of flights and draws will be determined by the number of teams and available weeks of
curling. Teams will play a round robin format, each draw, within their flight. The results of draw 1 (two
flights; A & B) will determine the team ranking in A, B or C flight for draw 2. The results of both draw 1
and 2 will determine the team ranking for A, B, or C flight for draw 3. The third and final draw will be a
round robin playoff within each flight. The top three teams in each flight, based on their performance in
the third draw only, will receive prizes. The flight placement for the following season will be determined
based on the cumulative total points for each team from all three draws (the whole season).

2) TRAVELERS (formally Dominion) CHAMPIONSHIP
The team, with the most points accumulated from all three draws (grand aggregate winner), will
represent our section and play the winner of the Leaside Evening Women section. The winner of the
playoff game will be the club representative in the Traveler Competition.
In accordance with The Traveler rules, aggregate winners from both the Business Women’s and Day
Ladies sections must replace (a limit of one) ineligible players prior to the playoff game, which will
determine the Leaside women’s team representative. The replacement player must play lead. The
winning team of the Leaside playoff game will be the same team to enter the Travelers zone

Section winners, from both the Business Women and Day Ladies leagues, will have the option to
withdraw and allow the next ranking team (in their section) to play in the club championship playoff
game to determine representation.

To participate in the Travelers zone competition, the Women’s team representing Leaside must have
three original players from their regular club foursome, not including replacements. Teams, with less
than 3 original players, are required to withdraw thereby allowing the losing team of the Dominion
playoff game to represent Leaside Curling Club.

A binder will be left downstairs at the club for teams to record their win/loss game results. The points
awarded for a win, loss and a tie are as follows:
FLIGHT A Win = 20 Pts. Loss = 10 Pts. Tie = 15 Pts.
FLIGHT B Win = 18 Pts. Loss = 8 Pts. Tie = 13 Pts.
FLIGHT C Win = 16 Pts. Loss = 6 Pts. Tie = 11 Pts.
Tie games will not be broken. Points will be awarded for ties. We are also going to track rock colour,
so teams should indicate which set they played with in the binder.

To avoid ties in team rankings at the end of each draw, all teams will be required to complete one
“Team Draw Off” exercise at the beginning of the season. Teams are required to complete their “draw
off” before the end of the first draw. Each team’s draw off score will be in effect for the whole season.
The purpose of this score is to rank teams tied for the same position in the league standings.
The exception to this rule: If two teams are tied in points for the grand aggregate award at the end of
the season, a tie – breaker game will be played to determine the winner.

A team may ask their opposition to reschedule a game. In this event, the team not requesting the
rescheduling must suggest a minimum of two dates, at a time convenient to them, to be played by the
draw deadline. If the team requesting the rescheduling cannot play at the times convenient for their
opposition, the game will be defaulted.
If a game is rescheduled, skips MUST reserve their own ice for the rescheduled game and also notify
the office that their sheet, normally in use for the regular game, is free. These games must be played
by the Sunday following the last Thursday of each draw and scores must be sent to the Draw Master
as soon as possible.

Defaulting teams will record a Loss; their opposition will receive points for a win.

MORNING: START: 9:50 am FINISH: Noon Sharp.
AFTERNOON: START: 12:55 pm FINISH: 3:10 pm
The bell rule, as outlined by the section, will be enforced. No new ends are to be started once the bell
rings. An end is considered to be started once the beginning lead releases her first rock.
Morning and rescheduled games are to be played as if the bell rings, the same format as the regular,
Thursday afternoon games.

If a team concedes prior to eight ends of play, the non-conceding team will be awarded the win. The
above rules apply to all games played at any time.

A team which is late by 10 minutes or more will lose the hammer and be penalized 1 end and 1 point. If
a team is 20 minutes late, they will be deemed to have defaulted.

Every team must start the season with a minimum of four players. If a player has to leave a team, she
is to be replaced as of the start of the next draw, if a curler is available. At the start of the season, if a
team consists of only three players they may start, however they will work in consultation with the draw
master to find the fourth player.
In the event a Skip leaves her team for any reason, the three remaining members may retain their
ranking in the Section standings. One new player may be brought into the team in any position

Any skip entering a team, at the beginning of the season, with three new players must begin at the
lowest flight.

In order to play a game, a team requires three players; two must be original team members. Teams
are expected to arrange spares from Thursday teams on a bye, Thursday Draw spare list, other Day
Women’s leagues or another Leaside league, in that order.
11) The games shall be governed by OCA rules except where Club and Section rules apply

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