Procedure for LCC Members

Leaside Curling Club extends credit or chit-signing privileges to members as a courtesy. Chit privileges can be used at the LCC bar or at curling clubs that honour chits in the greater Toronto area. To remain eligible for these privileges, members must abide by the following policies and procedures:

1. Members can register for chit privileges by completing a chit application and submitting it to the office.

2. Members must provide an active credit card number for their file. The credit card information will only be used if you choose this as your preferred method of payment or if the invoice is not paid by the due date (see information in items 3 and 4 regarding due dates).

3. When using chit signing privileges, members must clearly indicate their chit number and they must clearly print their name beside their signature when signing at other curling clubs.

4. Invoices for chits will be distributed on the 28th day of each month at the club. These invoices can be found in the chit box at the bar. Invoices will also be distributed by e-mail to all members whohave provided an e-mail address. The invoice will not contain the chit but a copy is available in the office if you wish to cross-reference your invoice.

5. Members can choose to have the invoiced amount applied to their credit card or they may pay by cash or cheque. This choice is made when signing up for chit privileges or by notifying the office board of directors by e-mail or in writing.

6. Full payment is due on the 14th day of the month following the invoice. Cheques must be made payable to Leaside Curling Club.
• For example, if an invoice is issued on the 28th of November, payment is due on or before December 14.

7. If the invoice is not paid by this due date, the full amount owing will be automatically charged to the member’s credit card, and a $5.00 surcharge will be applied to the invoice.

8. If the member’s credit card is found to the “inactive” for whatever reason, it is the member’s responsibility to inform the office LCC board of directors and update their authorization form. Failure to update will result in a $5 surcharge applied to the “re-issued” monthly invoice.

9. Chit accounts from the previous year must be paid in full before a returning member is allowed to sign up for a new season of curling.

Service Charges

10. A service charge of $5.00 will be applied by the office to each monthly Leaside Curling Club invoice.

11. Additional charges may be applied by the other clubs extending the signing privileges. By using your LCC chit privileges at another club, members are agreeing to the other clubs’ service charges.

Procedure for Non-Members
12. Chit privileges will be extended to visitors of Leaside Curling Club if they can demonstrate that they have signing privileges from their home club.

13. A service charge of $1.00 for each chit used will be applied to the non-members’ invoice.

14. The LCC board of directors will not be responsible for administering chit privileges for non-LCC members. The City of Toronto Leaside Curling Club staff will collate chits, generate an invoice and communicate with other clubs as needed.

FAQs for LCC Chit Service Charges
1. Each time a chit is used does that generate an invoice?
A: No. All chits received by the board of directors between the first day of the month and the 28th day of the month will be applied to a single invoice. Only one $5 service charge will be applied on the monthly invoice.

2. Will additional service charges by applied by the curling club I am visiting in addition to the monthly $5 charge?
A: Yes, additional charges will probably be applied. Members using LCC chit privileges should be aware that service charges may be applied at the curling club they are visiting. These charges vary from club to club and the LCC Board of Directors does not control the amount charged. Members should be aware that by using your LCC chit privileges at another club, you are agreeing to pay the charges that are applied at the club you are visiting. Members are encouraged to inquire at the club they are visiting to understand the chit charges that will be applied by the club.

3. Can I use my chit privileges at the LCC bar?
A: Yes. You can use your chit privileges at the LCC bar. Please note that the $5 service charge will be applied if a chit is used only once per month or if it is used every time the member is in the club over the course of a month.

4. Why do you need my e-mail address to register for chit privileges?
A: An e-mail address is required to facilitate communication about monthly invoices and to ensure you are receiving your invoice. Former chit members in good standing without e-mail addresses will be exempted from this requests.

5. If I choose to automatically pay by credit, will I ever incur a late charge?
A: No. As long as the credit card you have provided for your file is in good standing, you will not be charged any late fees, because your card will be billed monthly.


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  • Gyro Motors Ross Solomon Senior Men's Bonspiel (November 25, 2022)
  • Beat the Winter Blahs Women's Bonspiel (February 25, 2023)
  • Gyro Motors Charley Bick Bonspiel FINAL (March 10, 2023)
  • Day Ladies' Invitational Bonspiel (February 8, 2023)

 Join us on Friday November 25, 2022, for the Gyro Motors Ross Solomon Senior Men's Bonspiel.   

To print out a copy of the flyer, click here

 Ross Solomon 2022

Join us on Saturday February 25, 2023, for our Beat the Winter Blahs women's bonspiel.  To see a full size copy of the flyer, click here


Beat the Winter Blahs 2023






Please join us on Friday March 10, 2023, for the Gyro Motors Charly Bick Bonspiel!  To access the flyer & registration form, click here.

Format is Skins: to win the skins in a given end, the team with hammer must score 2 or more points, or the team without hammer must steal. If there is only a single point scored or if the end is blanked, the skins associated with that end carry over to the next end.

This bonspiel is Open format (ie. teams can be any combination of male and female curlers).


 Charlie Bick 2023 FINAL FINAL

Please join us on Wednesday February 8, 2023, for our day ladies' High Tea Invitational Bonspiel!

To print out a copy of the flyer, click here.

High Tea Bonspiel Flyer 2023



Champions Day SKins


 Doug Manning (S), George Lewis, Dave Butchart, Earl Kuntz





Monday League:
Bingham Trophy (Draw 1) – Gail Ann Ferguson (S), Dorothy Robertson, Barbara Gott, Anne Medlock
Mhora Murray Trophy (Draw 2) – Jane Roberts (S), Anne Parker, Susan Dick, Pauline Glasgow
Dickinson Trophy (Draw 3) – Gail Ann Ferguson (S), Kathy Tyndale / Betty Hicks, Susan Dick, Wendy Jarvis

Tuesday Morning League:
Draw 1 - Sandra Trafford (S), Tara Lang, Janin Robertson, Carol Morello
Draw 2 - Norrie Brockest (S), Tara Lang, Jerene Edgehill, Rita Ngo
Draw 3 - Pat Lee (S), Sylvie Dion, Katilin Doiron, Rita Ngo

Tuesday Afternoon League:
Flo Brown Trophy (Draw 1) – Mary Anne Hicks (S), Beverley Metcalfe, Carmel Fitzpatrick, Audrey Kouyoumdjan
Donna Bell Trophy (Draw 2) – Kathy Hague (S), Betty Hicks, Marnie Ferguson, Melanie Short
Merle Williams Trophy (Draw 3) – Mary Anne Hicks (S), Joanne Shaland, Pauline Malley, Catherine Dorman

Thursday Team Entry League:
Grand Aggregate Winners – Pat Reid (S), Marilyn Pleckaitis, Bernie Gillet, Debbie Murnaghan
Flight A – Carol Jackson (S), Mavis Taylor, Carol Fraser, Carol Pratt
Flight B – Pat Lee (S), Sandra Trafford, Melanie White, Elly Caesar
Flight C – Cheryl Darling (S), Susan Dick, Janine Cox, Nancy Fox

“A” Event – Cam Hall (S), Gerry Rowat, Dave Butchart, Jerry Omelon
“B” Event – Harley Hubble (S), Alan Faiers, John Bonner, Earl Kuntz
All Star Team - Cam Hall (S), John Bonner, Dave Butchart, Earl Kuntz
Crying Towel - Tom Begg, Michael Doucet, Bruce Stewart, Phil Tinning
Sprague Trophy - Dave Butchart, Earl Kuntz


Monday Skins Champs


 Champions: Richard Van Dine, Judy Mackett, Michelle MacDonald, Patrick Kniss






Tuesday League:
Flight A – Liam Kane (S), Steve Forbes, Gary MacDonald, Robert Lyle
Flight B – David Ellis (S), Robbie Fraser, Sean Holladay, Dan Westenek 
Flight C – Gregor Grant (S), John Wylie, Roger Pugsley, Bill Rowlands
Flight D – Stan Murray (S), Brian Harrison, Michael Montrose, Rory Cattanach

Thursday League:
Flight 1 – Dave Taylor (S), Gerry Hawkins, Matt Bulman, Neil Anderson
Flight 2 – Rob Harling (S), Ted Helleyer, Don Dawson, Floyd Dempster
Flight 3 – Eric Roberts (S), Julian Fosbery, Mike Reynolds, Jon Joyce
Flight 4 – Cameron McKay (S), George Czindl, Stephen Andrews, Daniel McKay

Trophy Winners (Tuesday vs. Thursday):
Bob Murray Memorial (Flight 1) – Dave Taylor (S), Gerry Hawkins, Matt Bulman, Neil Anderson
Birrell’s Trophy (Flight 2) – David Ellis (S), Robbie Fraser, Sean Holladay, Dan Westenek
Alexander Trophy (Flight 3) – Eric Roberts (S), Julian Fosbery, Mike Reynolds, Jon Joyce
Leads & Seconds Trophy (Flight 4) – George Czindl (S), Cameron McKay, Stephen Andrews, Daniel McKay, Andrew McKay

Women flight 1


Flight 1 – Kate McKellar (S), Michelle MacDonald, Bhadra Lokuge, Judy MacLellan




Flight 2 – Sarah Tolton (S), Karen Anderson, Gillian Rodger, Barb Sarjeant
Flight 3 – Christine Martell (S), Margaret Gooderham, Rosemary Haydon, Heather Makin
Flight 4 – Judy Cook (S), Meloday Arnold, Sheelagh Lawrance, Janine Ball
Overall Points Winner – Kate MacKellar (S), Michelle MacDonald, Bhadra Lokuge, Judy MacLellan

Mixed Flight 1


 Club Champions (Flight 1) – Karen Duxbury (S), Matt Bulman, Nancy Stewart, Neil Duxbury





“B” Trophy (Flight 2) – Liam Kane (S), Judy Hudson, Chris Kovac, Jenna Hilborn
Flight 3 – Allen Tran (S), Jennifer Mah, Arthur Anderson, Kathy Bateman
Flight 4 – Russ Martin (S), Carol Martin, Brock Johnston, Margaret Johnston
Flight 5 – Scott Caesar (S), Elly Caesar, Steve Caesar, Kim Walker
Flight 6 – James Manson (S), Sharon Shin, David Young, Claire McInroy
Flight 7 – Parker Liddle (S), Sarah Schroeder, Gord Ferguson, Leslie Liddle
Flight 8 – John Wong (S), Karen Atkin, Martin Glebe, Mary Panouolias

Falconer Award: Liam Kane (S), Judy Hudson, Chris Kovac, Jenna Hilborn

Craig Garbe (S), Kyle Wedge, Sebastien Carrizo, and Dylan Coombs

Sunday open champions


 Flight A – John Dickson (S), Tricia Dickson, Irving Reid, Karen Reid




Flight B – 
Flight C – 

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