Champions Day SKins


 Doug Manning (S), George Lewis, Dave Butchart, Earl Kuntz





Monday League:
Bingham Trophy (Draw 1) – Gail Ann Ferguson (S), Dorothy Robertson, Barbara Gott, Anne Medlock
Mhora Murray Trophy (Draw 2) – Jane Roberts (S), Anne Parker, Susan Dick, Pauline Glasgow
Dickinson Trophy (Draw 3) – Gail Ann Ferguson (S), Kathy Tyndale / Betty Hicks, Susan Dick, Wendy Jarvis

Tuesday Morning League:
Draw 1 - Sandra Trafford (S), Tara Lang, Janin Robertson, Carol Morello
Draw 2 - Norrie Brockest (S), Tara Lang, Jerene Edgehill, Rita Ngo
Draw 3 - Pat Lee (S), Sylvie Dion, Katilin Doiron, Rita Ngo

Tuesday Afternoon League:
Flo Brown Trophy (Draw 1) – Mary Anne Hicks (S), Beverley Metcalfe, Carmel Fitzpatrick, Audrey Kouyoumdjan
Donna Bell Trophy (Draw 2) – Kathy Hague (S), Betty Hicks, Marnie Ferguson, Melanie Short
Merle Williams Trophy (Draw 3) – Mary Anne Hicks (S), Joanne Shaland, Pauline Malley, Catherine Dorman

Thursday Team Entry League:
Grand Aggregate Winners – Pat Reid (S), Marilyn Pleckaitis, Bernie Gillet, Debbie Murnaghan
Flight A – Carol Jackson (S), Mavis Taylor, Carol Fraser, Carol Pratt
Flight B – Pat Lee (S), Sandra Trafford, Melanie White, Elly Caesar
Flight C – Cheryl Darling (S), Susan Dick, Janine Cox, Nancy Fox

“A” Event – Cam Hall (S), Gerry Rowat, Dave Butchart, Jerry Omelon
“B” Event – Harley Hubble (S), Alan Faiers, John Bonner, Earl Kuntz
All Star Team - Cam Hall (S), John Bonner, Dave Butchart, Earl Kuntz
Crying Towel - Tom Begg, Michael Doucet, Bruce Stewart, Phil Tinning
Sprague Trophy - Dave Butchart, Earl Kuntz


Monday Skins Champs


 Champions: Richard Van Dine, Judy Mackett, Michelle MacDonald, Patrick Kniss






Tuesday League:
Flight A – Liam Kane (S), Steve Forbes, Gary MacDonald, Robert Lyle
Flight B – David Ellis (S), Robbie Fraser, Sean Holladay, Dan Westenek 
Flight C – Gregor Grant (S), John Wylie, Roger Pugsley, Bill Rowlands
Flight D – Stan Murray (S), Brian Harrison, Michael Montrose, Rory Cattanach

Thursday League:
Flight 1 – Dave Taylor (S), Gerry Hawkins, Matt Bulman, Neil Anderson
Flight 2 – Rob Harling (S), Ted Helleyer, Don Dawson, Floyd Dempster
Flight 3 – Eric Roberts (S), Julian Fosbery, Mike Reynolds, Jon Joyce
Flight 4 – Cameron McKay (S), George Czindl, Stephen Andrews, Daniel McKay

Trophy Winners (Tuesday vs. Thursday):
Bob Murray Memorial (Flight 1) – Dave Taylor (S), Gerry Hawkins, Matt Bulman, Neil Anderson
Birrell’s Trophy (Flight 2) – David Ellis (S), Robbie Fraser, Sean Holladay, Dan Westenek
Alexander Trophy (Flight 3) – Eric Roberts (S), Julian Fosbery, Mike Reynolds, Jon Joyce
Leads & Seconds Trophy (Flight 4) – George Czindl (S), Cameron McKay, Stephen Andrews, Daniel McKay, Andrew McKay

Women flight 1


Flight 1 – Kate McKellar (S), Michelle MacDonald, Bhadra Lokuge, Judy MacLellan




Flight 2 – Sarah Tolton (S), Karen Anderson, Gillian Rodger, Barb Sarjeant
Flight 3 – Christine Martell (S), Margaret Gooderham, Rosemary Haydon, Heather Makin
Flight 4 – Judy Cook (S), Meloday Arnold, Sheelagh Lawrance, Janine Ball
Overall Points Winner – Kate MacKellar (S), Michelle MacDonald, Bhadra Lokuge, Judy MacLellan

Mixed Flight 1


 Club Champions (Flight 1) – Karen Duxbury (S), Matt Bulman, Nancy Stewart, Neil Duxbury





“B” Trophy (Flight 2) – Liam Kane (S), Judy Hudson, Chris Kovac, Jenna Hilborn
Flight 3 – Allen Tran (S), Jennifer Mah, Arthur Anderson, Kathy Bateman
Flight 4 – Russ Martin (S), Carol Martin, Brock Johnston, Margaret Johnston
Flight 5 – Scott Caesar (S), Elly Caesar, Steve Caesar, Kim Walker
Flight 6 – James Manson (S), Sharon Shin, David Young, Claire McInroy
Flight 7 – Parker Liddle (S), Sarah Schroeder, Gord Ferguson, Leslie Liddle
Flight 8 – John Wong (S), Karen Atkin, Martin Glebe, Mary Panouolias

Falconer Award: Liam Kane (S), Judy Hudson, Chris Kovac, Jenna Hilborn

Craig Garbe (S), Kyle Wedge, Sebastien Carrizo, and Dylan Coombs

Sunday open champions


 Flight A – John Dickson (S), Tricia Dickson, Irving Reid, Karen Reid




Flight B – 
Flight C – 


Leaside day women's section hosted its annual High Tea bonspiel on Wednesday February 12.

The lobby looked absolutely bright and inviting!  

High Tea lobby

The highlight of the day is always the English High Tea.  Thanks to Ginny Hughes and Mary Howard, our servers for the afternoon. Every single thing on those plates was home made and absolutely delicious!

 High Tea Mary HowardHigh Tea Ginny HugesHigh Team food

020Second place went to team Hastings from Bayview.

High Tea runners up Hastings

Third place went to team Douglas from Granite Club.

High Team third place Douglas

Fourth place went to team Breard from Oakville.

High Tea fourth place Breard

Leaside Curling Club
Day Women Section
General Rules Monday/Tuesday 2015/16 (updated April 2015)

All players are asked to be on the ice by 12.55p.m., so that the game may commence no later than 1.00p.m. A warning bell will be rung at 2.55 p.m. to signal that the end of the game is near.  Finish only the end that you’re currently playing.
** Same rules apply to morning games: 9.45am start, consider warning bell is 11.45a.m.

An end is considered to be started, only if the 1st rock thrown is in motion.
Please adhere to the bell rule as laid out by the Games committee.

1. Teams will be composed of a minimum of 3 players. In the event of a three person team, the first two players will throw three rocks each and two rocks will be thrown by the Skip. At least one member of the team must be present to play the game. All games are played on the scheduled date.
2. Prior to commencing a game a Vice-Skip or a designated member of either team will flip a coin. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of the hammer (last rock) or choice of rock colour.
3. A game consists of eight (8) ends, but a team may concede after six (6) ends, if both teams agree to end the game. The winning team will be awarded by the Draw Master, 1 End & 1 rock pt., per end(s) not played, within the game allotment (based on 15 minutes per end). Exact time must be recorded on the score sheet.

1. The scores will be recorded as: Win=5pts; Loss=1pt; Tie=3pts; Default=1 pts.
2. In the event of a blank end, each team will record ½ point.
3. The winning vices are responsible for recording the scores and the exact finishing time on the score sheet. Confirmed verification of scores & signatures of both vices is necessary.
4. At the end of each draw, ties for 1st; 2nd; or 3rd place will be broken by:
1. end count
2. rock count
3. point differential
4. coin toss
5. There will be no playoff games & in any one game the maximum point differential will be +10/-10.
6. In the event that there is an uneven number of teams in a draw the scoring will be prorated.

A game is defaulted when:
1. a team has no original members of the team
2. a team has only 2 players (1 being an original member of the team). Unless the 2 Skips (offending & non-offending) agree to share players and score the game as played. In the case of a defaulted game, the offending team will receive 1/0/0/-5 points for the game loss; ends; rock count & point differential The non-offending team will receive the score of 5/5/5/+5 for the win.

Spares will be acquired only through the designated Spare Co-Ordinator of each draw. Do not arrange for your own spare. Spares must be used from the available spare list. When the spare list is depleted, the team will then play with 3 players. It is at the discretion of the team to decide where the spare would be best played.

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