All games officially begin at the scheduled start time, regardless of when the first rock is thrown. A game that begins late due to the late arrival of any players – including the number of players necessary to constitute a team – is still bound by the normal bell rule. Games should begin on time if three players of a team are present. The sheet is ready for play when the score from the previous game is taken down.

Exception: If the ice is not ready for you to begin play on time due to a delay in preparing the ice, the two skips shall calculate 1 hour and 35 minutes from the actual time the ice was made available and agree upon that time as the “bell” time for their game, notifying their vices accordingly. In the absence of such agreement, the normally-scheduled bell time will apply.


Policy Requirements
Leaside Curling Club is fully committed to providing a Club environment that ensures all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and that membership activities are free of harassment and provides for the equal treatment of all members.

This policy applies to all directors, officers, volunteers, athletes, officials, members and any contractors or employees of LCC. Actions, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion, or other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated and the Board of Directors of the club will strictly enforce this policy.

The Board
Under the Constitution of the Club, members of the Board are elected bi-annually by a free vote of all members present at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is responsible to its members for providing a club environment that is free of harassment, and the timely investigation of reported incidents of harassment, regardless of who may bring forth complaints.

Membership in the Club is open to the general public who will be provided with a copy of this policy at the time of joining the club. Each year, the Board will make a formal commitment to uphold the harassment and equal opportunity policies of the Club at the AGM.

Policy Review and Complaint Procedures
Our harassment and equal opportunity policy and complaint procedures will be prominently posted in the Club and will be reviewed regularly to ensure they actively continue to encourage full participation by all members of Leaside Curling Club.


Second Place: Team Marino (pictured left to right: Sandy Faiers, Kathy Edwards, Aly Douglas, Chris Marino)

High Tea second












Third Place: Team MacLellan (pictured left to right: Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Carol Pasternak, Judy MacLellan, Wendy Jarvis)

High Tea third













High Score 2nd Game: Team Trafford (pictured left to right: Caroline Medwell, Sandra Trafford, Elly Caesar; missing Siu Ling Kwan)

High Tea High score 2nd













Pictures taken during the Bonspiel:








As the Leaside Curling Club entered the new millennium, members reflected on the contribution of those who helped establish the club in 1963. Many of those founding members have remained a part of the club ever since.

In recognition of this essential support for the club and as a token of appreciation, the members of Leaside Curling Club voted at the 2000 Annual General Meeting to confer Honourary Lifetime Membership on the following individuals:

Bruce Cook
Gordon Cook
Jim Dickinson
Jack Eilbeck
Patricia Eilbeck
Herb Falconer
Bruce Godbold
Helen Leslie
Mhora Murray
Robert Murray
Ron Musgrove
Millie McConnell
Dan Reid
Bunty Sibbald
Allan Vader
Verna Vader
George Williamson
Bruce Wilson
Kay Worsley
Maury Worsley

A reception honouring these individuals was held at the club on Saturday March 31, 2001.

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A proud member of the Leaside community for nearly 60 years, Leaside Curling Club is a vibrant not-for-profit organization. This wheelchair-accessible facility is open from September to April and features 8 sheets of curling ice, a lounge, bar, pro shop, and change rooms.