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Day Men's Tag Draw All Star Team

LCC All Star Team


















  Crichton Trophy Winners (A-side)

LCC Crichton A Event


















Ferrar Trophy Winner (B-side):  

LCC Ferrar B Event 

















 Crying Towel Winners (C-side)

LCC Crying Towel Event

Monday Afternoon Day Women

DRAW ONE: Joan Bingham Trophy
1st Place: Gail Ann Ferguson, Cheryl Ker, Elizabeth Adamson, Eileen Crichton
2nd Place:  Wendy Ko, Dorothy Robertson, Anne Medlock, Joanna Robertson
3rd Place:  Betty Hicks, Maureen Morrice, Jo-Anne Pierson, Gilian Cummings

DRAW TWO: Mhora Murray Trophy
1st Place:  Sherry Wilding, Therese Chen, Elizabeth Adamson, Joanna Robertson
2nd Place: Suzanne Gard, Cheryl Ker, Sylvie Dion, Sharon Setterington
3rd Place: Cookie Best, Mary Ellen Smith, Gilian Cummings, Eileen Crichton

DRAW THREE: Dickinson Trophy
1st Place:  Sherry Wilding, Dorothy Robertson, Jo-Anne Pierson, Sharon Setterington
2nd Place:  Cookie Best, Maureen Morrice, Andrea Sweezey, Joy Bradford
3rd PLace:  Betty Hicks, Mary Ellen Smith, Sylvie Dion,Joanna Robertson


Tuesday Morning Women

DRAW ONE: Millie McConnell Award
1st Place - Team Brockest: Norrie Brockest, Chanh Leuangthong, Janet Robson, Iwan Yang
2nd Place - Team Cox: Janine Cox, Kim Aikenhead, Susan Bedford & Jan Millard
3rd Place - Team Pitura: Cynthia Pitura, Bridget Sokoluk, Lori Wells & Shannon Levere

DRAW TWO: Day Sweepers
1st Place - Team Dick: Susan Dick, Sarah Shutt, Janet Robson & Anne Jacot
2nd Place - Team Brockest: Norrie Brockest, Elizabeth Adamson, Linda Strevens, & Lorenne Doucet
3rd Place - Team Burgess: Jane Burgess, Elizabeth Hatanaka, Shannan Lavere & Iwan Yan

DRAW THREE: Rock Stars
1st Place - Team Burgess: Jane Burgess, Sandra Wright, Anna Chitra & Sharon Setterington
2nd Place - Team Read: Shari Read, Carol Pratt, Lorrie Lavis & Cathy Fauquier
3rd Place - Team Brockest: Norrie Brockest, Sylvie Dion, Anne Cowan/Elizabeth Adamson & Jessica Lee


Tuesday Afternoon Women

DRAW ONE: Flo Brown Trophy
1st Place - Sheila Bishop, Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Linda Nichols, Joanna Robertson
2nd Place - Marg Hembruff, Marie McBurney, Sara Shutt, Jane Monteith
3rd Place - Judi Smale, Judy Cook, Joan Morrow, Noreen Hains

DRAW TWO: Donna Bell Trophy
1st Place - Judi Smale, Pauline Malley, Maureen Morrice, Joanna Robertson
2nd Place - Marg Hembruff, Margaret Peebles, Lorraine Short, Laura Masotti
3rd Place - Siu Ling Kwan, Judy Cook, Kate Parkin, Barbara Doherty

DRAW THREE: Merle Williams Trophy
1st Place - Pat Reid, Sandy Faiers, Kate Parkin, Denise McDonald
2nd Place - Marg Hembruff, Sue Wilgosh, Linda Nichols, Sandra Douglas
3rd Place - Kathleen MacLean, Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Jane Farquharson, Betty Ann Armstrong


Thursday Day Women's Team Entry

Flight A
1st place: Pat Reid, Marilyn Pleckaitis, Bernie Gillett, Debbie Murnaghan
2nd place: Theresa Currie, Lee Banka, Karen Townsend, Christie Stevenson
3rd place: Jan Carwardine, Judy MacLellan, Wilma Morrison, Sandra Thain

Flight B
1st place: Susan Holladay, Gail Kirkwood, Lori Brendel, Kimberley Walker
2nd place: Gail Ann Ferguson, Rhonda Booth, Kathy Tyndale, Cristina Scassa
3rd place: Grace Bugg, Aly Douglas, Carley Vint-Reed, Bernadette Dziadul

Flight C
1st place: Kathy Hague, Tara Lang, Sarah Shutt, Nancy Hilliker
2nd place: Shona Fitzgerald, Elaine MacSween, Ginny Bates, Bonnie Morrice
3rd place: Carolyn Loewen, Dorothy Greenaway, Wendy Girvan, Janet Mackinnon

Flight D
1st place: Lucy Hunter, Judi Smale, Joanne Davidson, Janice Salter
2nd place: Mary Howard, Judy Watts, Sandra Wright, Lorraine Short
3rd place: Marlene Parker, Betty Hicks, Anne Campbell, Cheryl Ker

Grand Aggregate Winner
Team Liitela: Paivi Liitela, Marina Dranitsaris, Audrey Kouyoumdjian, Carol Pasternak


For the evening men's league, there are playdowns in each of 4 flights (A,B,C,D) for both Tuesday night and Thursday night.

The champions from each flight on Tuesday and Thursday then face off to determine the overall club champions.


A  Ryan Metcalfe  Rob Harling
   Sean Holladay  Ted Hellyer
   Robert Lyle  Don Dawson
   Steve Forbes  Ethan Hall-Beyer
   Scott Holladay  
B  Darren Gerson  Henry Byres
   Jason Crowder  Scott Caesar
   Neil Duxbury  Stuart Jeffrey
   Fred Howe  Steve Caesar
C    Eric Roberts
     Mike Reynolds
     Maxim Newby
     Jim Joyce


Monday Open Skins

Champions: Team Ellis (pictured left to right): Kathy Tidy, David Ellis (skip), Michaela Koch, Liam Kane

Skins champions 2023
















Aggregate (most accumulated skins during regular season play): Team Burghout (pictured left to right): Anneka Burghout, Marty Thompson, Justin Chen, Celine Lacroix

 Skins Aggregate















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